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The Project


Essential Question: How can we as educators, improve our students' results in the classroom?

This is overarching question we should be asking ourselves everyday as educators. Afterall, this is our job right... to educate the youth of today using the most effective methods?

In a compelling world of forever changing trends, it is most important, in fact necessary for the classroom teacher to constantly analyze and evaluate their teaching methods. When one technique does not work effectively, another method must be waiting in the wings, ready to make its grand entrance on the stage of learning. The old school days of lecturing, note taking, and test taking have gone out of the window, making room for a whole new world of interactive activities that promote higher learning and critical thinking. Not only do these newer methods of teaching allow students to use higher levels of intellectual skills but they also support the use of addressing all of the different learning styles.                                                                                                                                         
Teachers are constantly battling with attention issues due to the amount of distractions that surround the classroom student. Besides the social pressures that students are faced with each day, one must also consider the technological world that surrounds them. Students of a modern day are used to the fast paced cyber world where flashing lights and blaring sounds are not a distraction but a necessity to focus. Students get easily bored without the entertainment factor, making it necessary for the classroom teacher to find new ways to captivate their audience.                                                                                                                                                 
Unfortunately, as a predictable race of humans, we sometimes find ourselves operating on a day to day basis using a set of routine procedures. It is not easy for us to keep up with the forever changing world, especially when technology literally changes by the second. Teachers that were once successful in the classroom are not getting the same results because they have not adapted their methods and strategies in the classroom, nor have they kept up with the technology that forms the structure of routine for their students.                                                           
Luckily for us educators, there is a solution to the problem. Teachers need a well structured classroom that promotes higher learning, challenges its students, addresses different learning styles, and uses technology.


Teachers will understandthe importance of new teaching methods and technologies and gain an understanding of how to incoporate them into their own teaching.

The idea behind this project is both simple in concept and usability. The purpose is to educate teachers on the importance of modern educational methodology as well as the benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom. The website will serve as both an educational tool and a practice tool.

As a student yourself, you will learn about the idea behind flipping the classroom and be introduced to the testimony of several sources as to its benefits and usefulness. You will be given sample lessons and examples of flipped classrooms as well as taught the necessary tools to do it yourself. You will learn how to use screen capturing software such as Camtasia and Screen-Cast-O-Matic as well as how to create a site to upload your videos. 
As a student, you will design and create a lesson that you will use in your own classroom. This lesson will include a plan that flips the classroom. You will record a lesson video, as well as create a live site where the video will be hosted for your students to see.


Objective #1

Teachers will understand the importance of using new and different teaching methods such as “Flipping the Classroom”, and the benefits that accompanying these techniques. Teachers will understand how to implement these methods into their own classroom.

Objective #2

Teachers will understand the effects of emotional memory and learning, the difference and relationship between learning and retention, and how to incorporate these ideas into their daily lessons.

Objective #3

Teachers will understand the positive effects of addressing different sensory preferences and learning styles in their methodology as well as how to implement them into their lessons.

Objective #4

Teachers will understand the benefits of new technologies and programs that can be implemented into the classroom, as well as the instruction on how to do so.


What is Needed

Teachers will need to have basic computer skills such as navigating the internet and word prcessing. Teachers will need to write a lesson or use an exisisting lesson that is sutable for "Flipping".

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